Technique > Fire

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>Touch a 9v Battery to Steel Wool

>Best wood to use are the pine & birch trees contains flammable resin. Tinder Shavings will take a spark from a flint or magnesium starters.


  • Cotton
  • Candle (shred the wick, not the wax)
  • Plastic spoon, fork, or knife
  • Foam rubber

Convex lens can only be used on sunny days. Hold the lens on the same spot to concentrate the sun’s rays on the tinder. Blow gently and it turns into flames. Any lens from binoculars, camera, telescopic sights, or magnifying glasses will do.

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Technique > Fire

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  1. Thank you. This was very informative. I have copied for the time when the internet may be down and this not be avaliable.

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