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3 Pole Tepee

Parachute Hammock

Roof Shingle Layers

Immediate Action Shelter

Improvised Shelter

Underground Survival Community

One-Pole Tepee

To make this tepee, you should—

  • Select a shelter site and scribe a circle about 4 meters (13 feet) in diameter on the ground.
  • Stake the parachute material to the ground using the lines remaining at the lower lateral band.
  • After deciding where to place the shelter door, emplace a stake and tie the first line (from the lower lateral band) securely to it.
  • Stretch the parachute material taut to the next line, emplace a stake on the scribed line, and tie the line to it.
  • Continue the staking process until you have tied all the lines.
  • Loosely attach the top of the parachute material to the center pole with a suspension line you previously cut and, through trial and error, determine the point at which the parachute material will be pulled tight once the center pole is upright.
  • Securely attach the material to the pole.
  • Using a suspension line (or inner core), sew the end gores together leaving 1 to 1.2 meters (3 to 4 feet) for a door.

Sea Craft

Desert Shelter > Below Ground

Beach Shade Shelter

Snow Wall

Snow House Igloo

Snow Cave

Snow Cave

Platform or Swamp Bed

Debris Hut

Leanto Shelter > Fallen Tree

Leanto Shelter

Leanto Shelter with Fire

Tarp Tent

Tarp Tent

Tarp Tent

Tarp Leanto

Tarp Wrap Shelter

Site > Arctic Environment

Site > Desert Environment

Site > Forest Environment

Site > Jungle Environment

Site > Ocean Environment

Site > Post-Disaster Urban City

Tactical > Exit Plan

Tactical > Preparation Planning

Tactical > Terrain Navigation

Tactical – Communication Gear

Technique > Fire

Technique > Food

Technique > Medical

Technique > Security

Technique > Shelter

Technique > Water

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