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Best Techniques for finding & purifying water:

1st Step: If you’ve found water, Filter it from solids in a container that strains. Fill the container with gradually heavy porous to less porous gravel, then charcoal from fire, fine sand , fine gravel, cloth / cotton strip.

2nd Step: Boil the Water for 1 to 2 minutes. Needs to be 212` Fahrenheit

Water Procurement:

Improvised Water Filter

Solar Still

> DO NOT drink:

(1) Urine.

(2) Fish juices.

(3) Blood.

(4) Sea water.

(5) Alcohol.

(6)    Melted water from new sea ice.

> Drinkable Water Sources:

(1)    Surface water (streams, lakes, and springs).

(2)    Precipitation (rain, snow, dew, sleet)

(3)    Subsurface (wells and cisterns)

(4)    Ground water (when no surface water is available)

> Rules for Avoiding Illness

a. Purify all water obtained from natural sources by using iodine tablets, bleach, or boiling for 5 minutes.

b. Locate latrines 200 feet from water and away from shelter.

c.    Wash hands before preparing food or water.

d. Clean all eating utensils after each meal.

> Locating Water:

(a)    Abundance of lush green vegetation.

(b)    Drainages and low-lying areas.

(c)    “V” intersecting game trails often point to water.

(d)    Presence of swarming insects indicates water is near.

(e) Bird flight in the early morning or late afternoon might indicate the direction to water.

Filtration Systems, Settling Water

Filtration Systems, Filtering Water

Water from a Tree > Leaning Tree

Water Consumption Chart

Water from Sand > Beach Well

Water Warning

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Technique > Water

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